Automotive mechatronics technician

"I feel inspired by the technology and the craftsmanship in the work with the vehicles."

"My Grandfather has been working at Andreas Schmid for 35 years. As it is important to me to have a familiar and stable employer, I decided to do my apprenticeship with Andreas Schmid. During my internship I was already allowed to carry out some smaller repair jobs on the trucks under supervision; changing tyres and rear lights for example. Then I knew that this was the right qualified profession for me. I feel inspired by the technology and the craftsmanship in the work with the vehicles. The best thing for me personally was to drive the truck that I had previously repaired.

After my apprenticeship I would be happy to continue working here as an automotive mechatronics technician. I can still learn a great deal from my helpful and kind colleagues in the workshop."

The motor of a vehicle should run smoothly.

The motor of a vehicle should run smoothly. If it doesn't do this, you need an automotive mechatronics technician. We train our own mechatronics technicians and show you what you need to pay special attention to in your future profession. As only if you know where you should start looking will you find the fault and be able to repair it with due care and attention.

The job description: automotive mechatronics technician (specialising in commercial vehicle technology)

Duration of training: 3.5 years

Area of work: automotive mechatronics technicians who specialise in commercial vehicle technology maintain all kinds of commercial vehicles, such as articulated trucks, goods vehicles, trailers and semitrailers. They also service and overhaul them. With electric measurement and diagnostic apparatus, they check the condition of brake systems, drive assemblies, motor management and driver assistance systems. You are deployed in our own workshop.

Contents of the training:

  • Diagnosis of faults, failures and their causes
  • Maintenance of the vehicles and adjustment of the systems
  • Equipping, modifying and retrofitting vehicles
  • Upgrading systems and test equipment


  • A good school leaving certificate qualification
  • A sense of responsibility, attentiveness and a willingness to learn
  • Interest in technology, mathematics and physics
  • For an apprenticeship with us, a prior (school holiday) internship is absolutely necessary.

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