Professional driver

"It's never boring behind the wheel."

"Andreas Schmid is well known as one of the biggest training companies in the Augsburg area. That's why I was happy to get an internship place here. I felt very good in my internship and that's why I began the training to become a professional driver here.

I went through several departments during my apprenticeship. The workshop was the most exciting place for me, as I gained an insight into the inner life of my truck there. Driving a truck for the first time was also very exciting. Another great thing during my apprenticeship was the Big Party, an event for all 1,800 employees.

I wish that more young people would do this apprenticeship. It's great fun not just to work in an office, but also to see a lot of the world. It's never boring behind the wheel."

Are big cars, powerful motors and – above all – trucks right up your street?

We are looking for young people who have an enthusiasm for trucks. Turn your passion into a profession! Not only do we teach you how to drive trucks you also learn the right way to lead them and the right way to deal with customers.

The job description: professional driver

Duration of training: 3 years

Area of work: as a professional driver you work in goods transport with us. You spend the most time behind the wheel of a truck there. In the process you learn the road traffic rules at home and abroad. Sometimes you are also out and about in warehouses, workshops and (with loading and unloading activities) in the open air.

Contents of the training:

  • Checking the vehicle for operative readiness and traffic safe condition in accordance with the regulations (e.g. brakes, tyres, lights etc.)
  • Rectifying small faults in the vehicle
  • Planning and loading with respect to weight distribution and maximum load capacity
  • Safe driving of the vehicle, in accordance with the various statutory regulations and the particular driving behaviour of each vehicle


  • A recognised qualification
  • Minimum age: 17 years
  • Resilience, a sense of responsibility and attentiveness
  • An interest in technology and physics (the physics of driving)
  • For an apprenticeship with us, a prior (school holiday) internship is absolutely necessary.

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