On course!

Alessandro Cacciola on 2020 in the Andreas Schmid Group.

How strongly was this year impacted by the corona pandemic? Particularly during the early phase, the COVID-19 pandemic presented us with a great many unanswered questions. Back in January,[ ... ]

Logistics beyond 02

The new magazine of the Andreas Schmid Group

In a partner discussion with IDS!

In an interview with IDS Logistik GmbH, Alessandro Cacciola (CEO, of the Andreas Schmid Group) explains what is new, what has changed and what further plans we are pursuing. [ ... ]

We step on the gas! For the sake of the environment.

A biogas-powered transporter delivers to the downtown hub with virtually no emissions. From there, the goods are brought directly to the door in an environmentally friendly manner by our electric[ ... ]

Apprentice of the year 2019

This year, too, the best trainees of the year were honored. We congratulate Peter Koberstein, Robert Abraham and Leon Jakob on their outstanding achievements. We are proud of all our[ ... ]